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Good Tea, for Right People

We still can't believe that we opened this tea shop on internet when we easily chatted with our team. 

In the beginning, just for simple reason we stay in Europe is learning music .When we are staying in Europe and made many friends who are European, some of them never tasted Taiwan tea before ,and the others ever bought Taiwan tea on internet or participated the tea reunion related with Taiwan tea in somewhere. After several meetings with them,we understood that there are not only some wrong information about Taiwan tea but also too many fake tea on internet even though some of them they bought tea from Taiwan tea market.
Because of such serious phenomenon on internet, we decided to devote our experience and gathered some of top tea 

makers and tea master to be a super team .
By over 40 years learned Taiwan tea in our team, we think it's the timing for sharing  the really beauty of Taiwan tea, the featured good tea after seriously selected and discussed .
It's true that 99% Taiwan tea in Taiwan tea market now has mixed with the tea made from Vietnam or Thailand, and it's the fact that they can't be identified by Tea Master tasted except DNA test. This is another reason why we need to open this shop,not only for introducing the real Taiwan tea but also for  introducing the Taiwan tea culture, in other words, it's our pleasure to serve the real Taiwan tea way and wish to make better lifestyle for you .

There are only good Taiwan tea we recommended in our shop after we tasted hundreds of Taiwan tea. Not only good but also rare with the strong characters,including Pauchoung ,Oriental Beauty, Honey flavor Oolong and Black tea. Especially, some items are very difficult to find in Taiwan,for example that TTES No.23 and No. 24 had been restricted to plant by TRES, and some are aged tea that are rare and precious as well. 
What's special we are ?

Wherever you are in the world, we arranged three Gates for your exploration and discipline of Taiwan tea way.Let you feel free to follow-up your sensory experience and unrestricted fly between those Gates. 

Because we trusted: Good tea,for right people 
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