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Gate 2 Aged Tea

Typical Taiwan Oolong

In past few decades, "Oolong tea " was called by Taiwanese  meant they were made in the heavy oxidation and roasted. 

We recommended this tea made in 2019 because it is in traditional process of Oolong tea and  with strongly characters .You can imagine what kind of Oolong tea was the  favorite tea by Taiwanese in the past decades. 

The suitable hot water for brewing this tea is around hundred  degrees.

Mature style  Oolong Tea

More and  more  Taiwanese beloved aged tea in recent two decades .
From the tea in season to aged tea ,there are something changed or transformed, like as Naphthelene ,caused the tea flavors to be multiple fruitful flavors during the different storage period. 

The reason for making such mature style Oolong tea was made not only for easily transformed into aged tea but also presented fruitful flavor and sweetness. 

We suggested choosing the ceramic teapot and selecting near hundred degrees of hot water when you are brewing such tea.

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