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Gate 2 White Tea

Camellia formosensis

Camellia formosensis,台灣山茶,exists in Taiwan from the ice age and has been found in several areas of Taiwan.  
Most famous such native tea is from Kaohsiung ,Sun Moon Lake and so on.

En principles,the native tea  planted in 1300-1600 meter height is always for white tea. 

This native white  tea is suitable for lower temperature hot water , for example around 90 degrees with Gaiwan or Chawan.

Taiwan White tea

The culture exchange for tea between China and Taiwan was very hot in few decades .
Taiwanese tea makers were attracted by the flavor of white tea and they decided to develop the new flavor of white tea made from themselves. 
Several years ago, TRES had held several seminars and workshops for teaching tea farmers how to make the white tea according their research ,in the other hand, such as great tea master presented their new works of white tea ,and finally they made the new and amazing flavors via their cooperation. They are not only different from the white tea of China but also abundant flavors in the different types of Taiwan white tea. 
Just waiting for you explore what the 

beautiful tasting they are!

Ceramic teapot and Gaiwan are recommended for this white tea, and the suitable temperature of hot water is around 90 degrees.

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